RO Systems Consulting, Inc.

Standards & Methodologies

RO Systems Consulting's approach to systems integration and development is founded on over 20 years of success in producing world-class results for customers. We know how to deliver complex solutions that require a balance of insight, creativity, and proven strategies. Our comprehensive standards and methodologies are built on industry practices and enhanced with extensive delivery experience. [ More ]

Best Practices

RO Systems Consulting leverages our experience in successful project execution through our Best Practices program, to manage and share our intellectual capital across the company. RO Systems Consulting has successfully completed hundreds of customer projects and we bring the experience of those successes combined with applied research to our customers. Our project methodologies and management techniques evolve intelligently as systems development practices and tools evolve. [ More ]

Program Management

Program management is an integrated management approach that emphasizes cross-project coordination and careful risk and dependency management. Grounded in proven management techniques, program management addresses these needs by fostering open communication, appropriate executive involvement, focused and proactive risk assessment and mitigation, and effective planning and progress monitoring. [ More ]

Project Management

A major factor in RO Systems Consulting's success is the consistency with which project managers lead projects to a timely completion with successful results and within budget. This track record is no accident. It is the product of careful planning and rigorous control from start to finish. [ More ]