RO Systems Consulting, Inc.

Best Practices

RO Systems Consulting leverages our experience in successful project execution through our Best Practices program, to manage and share our intellectual capital across the company. RO Systems Consulting has successfully completed hundreds of customer projects and we bring the experience of those successes combined with applied research to our customers. Our project methodologies and management techniques evolve intelligently as systems development practices and tools evolve.

The Best Practices Group consists of skilled technologists, system architects, information engineers, project managers, and other consultants with expertise in a variety of management practices and, collectively, hundreds of person-years of experience working on projects. It's their job to improve, disseminate, and practice the methods we develop in concert with our project teams. In this way, the skills of RO Systems Consulting's staff members are leveraged and combined with leading edge methods and management practices.

RO Systems Consulting maintains an extensive set of online resources accessible by all of our project teams and backed by the experienced practitioners in the Best Practices Group. RO Systems Consulting uses its worldwide network to allow all consultants access to these resources, so there is no need to reinvent solutions to problems that have been solved by others in the company.

Our Best Practices staff work continuously on refining the tools, templates, references, and approaches used by RO Systems Consulting and its customers. The Best Practices Group also provides consulting that helps RO Systems Consulting projects overcome specific barriers and effectively apply best practices to achieve success. These consulting activities include mentoring and coaching, internal project reviews, project start-up and project management infrastructure support, quality assessments, and metrics.