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Program Management

Program management is an integrated management approach that emphasizes cross-project coordination and careful risk and dependency management. Grounded in proven management techniques, program management addresses these needs by fostering open communication, appropriate executive involvement, focused and proactive risk assessment and mitigation, and effective planning and progress monitoring.

Our experience has taught us that while traditional project management tools are critical and entirely appropriate to manage smaller projects, they are not sufficient to manage complex, multi-project progrRO Systems Consulting. The basic construct of the RO Systems Consulting program management approach is that effective management of large-scale progrRO Systems Consulting requires an integrated management approach that emphasizes cross-project coordination and focused dependency management.

RO Systems Consulting's program management methodology is unique in that it not only takes into account the elements that affect the project schedules internally such as design, development, and testing; it also accounts for external dependencies and success factors that can affect the overall progress and effectiveness of a program. This integrated approach provides an invaluable tool to track overall progress against the agreed-upon milestones, identify risk areas, and proactively take the appropriate steps to mitigate those risks.

Scope of Project versus Program
RO Systems Consulting Management Approach

The vital differentiator between RO Systems Consulting program management and more traditional project management methodologies is the focus on client success. Throughout the program, the program manager is responsible for ensuring that the program is oriented toward customer success–as the customer defines success–and that projects continue to meet the customer's needs and expectations as they evolve over the life of the program. Also, as a tool to orient the program towards customer-defined success and stakeholder investment, RO Systems Consulting program management provides for a program management team that includes both RO Systems Consulting and customer representatives. The program management team is an integral part of the partnership between RO Systems Consulting and our customers and is responsible for the overall direction of the program.

Another key differentiator of program management is the focus on active executive involvement by customer and RO Systems Consulting executives. We achieve this involvement through a joint customer/RO Systems Consulting executive steering committee (ESC). The objectives of the ESC are to:

The customer representatives on the ESC include participants from each part of the organization that has a stake in ensuring success. Ideally, these participants, senior members of the customer organization, represent the customer's overall business objectives and have sufficient authority to make resource and financial commitments necessary to ensure success. An effective ESC is a true example of partnership, and our experience has shown that this is a vital element of the program management process.

Program management does not replace the need for traditional project management practices. The individual projects that make up a program must be carefully managed to achieve success. The overall success requires rigor and discipline in all the traditional project management practices, such as project planning, scope management, issue and risk management, quality management, and relationship management.