RO Systems Consulting, Inc.

Quality Management

Quality management is an integral component of RO Systems Consulting's delivery approach. Its primary purpose is to make sure project teams consistently deliver high-quality products that meet the customer's needs. RO Systems Consulting project managers know that, without a specific focus on measurable quality and productivity, results can vary across project areas and project activities. Therefore, quality management activities focus on defining and achieving quality goals, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and measuring progress toward achieving customer objectives.

The intent of RO Systems Consulting quality management processes is to provide project teams with procedures and standards that maximize quality and with direct performance feedback that allows them to identify and resolve problems. Quality is everyone's business. Everyone working on a project is responsible for ensuring quality. On large, complex projects, this broad focus is supported by quality assurance staff. By following the RO Systems Consulting approach to quality management, RO Systems Consulting project teams perform in a manner fundamentally consistent with such recognized models as the CMM (Capability Maturity Model), the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated), and ISO 9000.

RO Systems Consulting's approach to quality management adheres to four key principles:

Define quality objectively
We recognize that it is necessary to define what quality means for a particular project before we can determine how to achieve it.
Do it right the first time
We strive to minimize defects, so we don't have to spend time and effort fixing them later.
Eliminate defects early
We try to identify defects early in the software development lifecycle, so that the cost of correction is decreased.
Use data to manage quality
We continuously measure quality and analyze this data to monitor how we are doing and to identify ways to improve.

In addition to including quality management activities in the project management plan and the project schedule, every RO Systems Consulting teams integrates quality management in detailed task plans. Project quality management work involves selecting and implementing appropriate standards and methodologies for project activities, including systems development, system design, and change management. It requires establishing performance targets against which progress is measured and tracked. It means that teams must conduct reviews to ensure compliance with these standards, methodologies, and performance targets and that they must recommend and implement remedial measures as necessary.