RO Systems Consulting, Inc.

Issue and Risk Management

All projects encounter issues and risks that can threaten the team's ability to achieve success. RO Systems Consulting project managers know how to prepare for such contingencies by establishing structures and procedures for identifying and quickly addressing potential roadblocks. RO Systems Consulting's project management approach provides a foundation for building these structures and procedures based on many years of experience.

Issue Management

Issues–questions or problems requiring debate, analysis, and consensus in order to be resolved with a decision–arise throughout any project. Many issues have the potential to adversely affect the project if they are not resolved properly and in a timely fashion. For this reason, issue management is a critical component of RO Systems Consulting's project management standards and methodologies.

The project manager establishes a formal issue resolution process, with specific emphasis on targeting critical issues that have the greatest potential impact on project success. The issue management process consists of:

Risk Management

At RO Systems Consulting, thoughtful and systematic risk management is a critical element of our project management approach, because we recognize that managing risk effectively is a key to successful projects. A risk is a potential event or situation that, if it occurs, can affect a project's ability to achieve stated goals, objectives, or expectations. Risk management is the process of identifying risks and developing strategies to avoid or minimize them. Integrated risk management is geared to creating opportunities for discovering and dealing with risks at both the program and project levels.

Risks associated with schedule, delivery, and staffing resources are inherent in large, complex projects. Mechanistic approaches that quantify and rank risk are appealing in their simplicity, but they often miss the main point–the need to put well defined plans in place to manage and deal with identified risks. Our approach to management explicitly focuses on building risk discovery and mitigation into day-to-day management activities. This ensures that we identify risks early, build explicit mitigation steps into the project plans, and monitor progress toward risk mitigation as a routine component of the management process.

RO Systems Consulting's approach to risk management provides systematic techniques for transforming ill-defined concerns about things that may go wrong into well-defined tasks for preventing them or effectively dealing with them:

Project-level risk management complements program-level risk management and mitigation efforts are coordinated across projects, where appropriate. In addition, RO Systems Consulting business executives external to the project conduct regular, internal Operational Risk Management reviews. These reviews ensure that any project risks and issues are addressed from the most comprehensive perspective of senior managers, at various points in time, depending on the size and complexity of the project.