RO Systems Consulting, Inc.

Standards & Methodologies

RO Systems Consulting's approach to systems integration and development is founded on over 30 years of success in producing world-class results for customers. We know how to deliver complex solutions that require a balance of insight, creativity, and proven strategies. Our comprehensive standards and methodologies are built on industry practices and enhanced with extensive delivery experience. Every project is conducted within a proven framework to achieve success:

Engagement Management Framework
Our Engagement Management Framework is an integrated suite of proven best practices for excellence in execution. These span the entire lifecycle, from the initial identification of a potential opportunity through successful delivery and wrap-up of lessons learned.
Program Management
Program Management focuses on ensuring that the customer's overall business case is successfully achieved. Regardless of how many projects for specific deliverables are required, achieving a customer's business case also involves complexities of interdependent activities, tradeoff decisions, risks, and communications across multiple stakeholders and groups. All of this must be managed in addition to performing effective project management to produce specific deliverables.
Project Management
Our project management approach is anchored in a series of management practices developed over the course of hundreds of successful projects. We use a deliverables-based approach to task management and we aggressively manage issues, risks, and quality. Our approach employs proven strategies and techniques to enable delivery of high-quality work products, on time and within budget.
Offerings Methodologies
Armed with state-of-the-art methodologies to support all of our offerings, RO Systems Consulting T excel at performing complex systems integration, development, and change management activities. Project work is conducted in a structured, proven manner that reduces risk, promotes knowledge transfer, and smoothes the transition to a working solution. Teams rely on reusable assets complemented by structured methods to achieve quality, meet customer needs, and reduce risk.

Our standards and methodologies (illustrated below) embody our collective understanding of the best way to plan and deliver customer solutions. They reflect the knowledge gained through conducting hundreds of successful projects and incorporating appropriate industry standards.

RO Systems Consulting Management Approach
RO Systems Consulting Management Approach

RO Systems Consulting has a long history of successfully delivering on projects. We credit this success to the broad perspective of our executive-level managers, the rigorous project management practices implemented by our project managers, and the know-how and dedication of our staff members.